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Government Blamed For Not Doing Enough To Stop Rent Increases

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

The BE party has claimed that the Government isn't taking any action to prevent rent from going up next year.
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During a press conference, BE coordinator Mariana Mortágua pointed out that data from INE (National Institute of Statistics) suggests that if no action is taken, there will be an approximately 7% increase in income in 2024.

Mortágua criticized the Government, saying that despite being aware of this data and the inflation trends indicating a significant increase in 2024 for months, they have not taken any measures. She accused the executive of being indifferent to the concerns of a portion of the population that already struggles with high rents and faces uncertainty about 2024.

She lamented that the Government is failing to do the basics, such as ensuring they limit rent increases when renewing contracts and establishing new ones for the coming year. Because of these concerns, the BE party plans to introduce a bill in parliament that would restrict rent increases to the levels seen before the onset of inflation. In 2022, rents could only increase by 0.43%, and BE aims to maintain a similar limit.

Mariana Mortágua emphasized the importance of providing stability for people in Portugal, so they don't have to worry about their housing costs. This proposed legislation would apply not only to contract renewals but also to new rental agreements taking effect in 2024.

Additionally, in late August, the PCP (Portuguese Communist Party) announced their intention to present a similar bill, seeking to cap rent increases at 0.43% for both existing contracts and new ones, regardless of whether they are renewed or made with different tenants.

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