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Tax and Financial Planning

When considering a move, investment, or business venture in Portugal, effective financial and tax planning is vital for a seamless transition and sustained success.


Adapting to a new financial environment can be daunting, Our specialized financial and tax planning strategies are designed to maximize the benefits of your passive income from sources outside Portugal—like dividends, royalties, rental incomes, and retirement savings.



on income

Portugal offers lower taxes on income compared to many other countries, making it an attractive choice for individuals seeking tax-efficient opportunities.


your tax, wealth and income

Enhance your financial outcomes by optimizing tax strategies, wealth management, and income opportunities tailored to Portugal's favorable fiscal environment.

Explore our unique financial and tax planning solutions

Finding the right solutions

We help you integrate with life in Portugal by optimising your tax benefits and maximising your returns over the next 20 years.

Delivering improved tax

Optimising your income and assets for tax

By leveraging our expertise, you can enhance tax efficiency across your income, wealth, and assets using Portugal's Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) or Incentivised Tax Scheme (ITS).

This strategic approach allows you to reduce tax liabilities and maximize investment returns. Furthermore, our proprietary financial and tax planning models are designed to optimize income and assets well beyond the qualified periods under NHR or ITS.

On average, our affluent clients achieve significantly improved tax positions for up to 20 years through our unique financial modeling.

Below is an illustration of tax payments without applying Portugal's NHR 0% tax incentive:

Taxed up to



Taxed up to



Taxed up to



Delivering lower tax on pensions

Special tax benefits for non-Portuguese pensions

As part of our comprehensive services, our Visa program provides significant tax advantages for overseas pensions.

Under Portugal's D7 Visa (known as the 'passive income' or 'retirement visa') and Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) tax regime, overseas pensions are subject to a favorable 10% tax rate for 10 years.

This advantageous tax treatment ensures substantial savings, allowing you to fully enjoy your retirement income during your stay in Portugal. Early planning is crucial to structure your non-Portuguese pension through a bond or similar financial arrangement to minimize taxes after the initial 10-year NHR period.

Failure to plan accordingly may result in transitioning to Portugal's standard tax rates, which range from 28% to 48% after the NHR incentive period ends. Our clients can optimize their tax position for up to 20 years with our specialized and regulated financial strategies.

Optimising your tax for the long term

Plan early for post-NHR low tax period ending

We prioritize long-term tax planning beyond the initial 10-year Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) low-tax incentive period.

Our solutions focus on strategic financial and tax planning for the post-NHR period, aiming to minimize tax increases and maintain an efficient financial structure.

Through detailed financial analysis, exploring investment opportunities, and providing ongoing guidance, we ensure sustained tax efficiency and financial stability after the NHR phase.

Client case studies and testimonials highlight significant improvements in tax positions over extended periods, up to 20 years.

By assisting clients in early planning within the NHR regime, we optimize their tax strategies and mitigate the risk of transitioning to Portugal's higher progressive tax rates, which can reach between 28% and 48% after the initial 10-year NHR tax period.

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