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Our representative services encompass:

Tax advisory and compliance: Specializing in offering tax advice and preparing tax returns for expatriates, non-residents, national companies, and sole traders. Our tailored approach aims to optimize clients' tax positions by thoroughly understanding their affairs during initial consultations. Additionally, we provide tax litigation services upon request.

International tax assistance: Leveraging our extensive network of advisors across various countries, we offer support for clients requiring tax advice related to other jurisdictions.

Tax advice and compliance

Our tax representation services extend to non-resident individuals owning property in Portugal. This includes obtaining tax numbers, managing local property tax assessments, and facilitating tax payments. We also handle income tax declarations for non-residents or companies earning rental income or selling property.

While EU resident individuals are no longer required to nominate a tax representative, our services offer benefits by serving as authorized intermediaries between clients and tax authorities, ensuring timely resolution of any issues.

Additionally, we offer simulations of capital gains tax for expatriates selling property, providing clarity on potential tax liabilities.


Tax representation services

Our VAT representation and services encompass comprehensive support for non-resident entities required to register for VAT in Portugal. While it's currently not mandatory for EU resident companies to appoint a VAT representative, doing so enhances their protection in potential disputes with tax authorities.

For non-EU resident companies, appointing a tax representative is obligatory for VAT registration in Portugal. We offer VAT reporting services to ensure timely and tax-efficient compliance with obligations.

VAT Representation and Services

Our VAT consultant provides expert advice on registration necessity under Portuguese VAT regulations, particularly focusing on non-resident entities. We specialize in registering and managing reporting requirements for non-resident companies engaged in E-Commerce with Portuguese customers, including those surpassing distance selling limits.

Furthermore, we facilitate VAT reimbursement claims under the 6th and 13th VAT Directive and prepare intra-stat documentation for intra-community acquisitions or transmissions.

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