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The Vibrant Carnival Places in Portugal 2024

Are you planning to celebrate Carnival in Portugal this year? Team Inlis Consulting is here to guide you to the top destinations to enjoy this lively event.

Carnival Portugal 2024

Carnival in Famalicão (North)

It's said that the Carnival of Famalicão is unique in the Country. It's a Carnival that is nothing excessive, but genuine, surprising and that unfolds naturally.

Those who have celebrated the Carnival of Famalicão in previous years have never traded it for any other.

The celebration of the Carnival in this city was born with the will of the local inhabitants, who every year go out in the street en masse and incarnate several characters. This celebration in Famalicão is recent, but with the passage of a few years, it has gained strength and nowadays it's very popular.

It's a party that is chosen by many revelers to celebrate Carnival with joy and creativity. This year it will be celebrated between 9 and 13 February.

Ovar (Center)

The Carnival in Ovar is an event that is expected all year. It's a party that attracts thousands of people to this region.

The most celebrated days are the Day of the Carnival Parade (Fat Sunday and Carnival Tuesday) and the night of Monday. These days attract revelers from all over the country not only to enjoy themselves but also to see the parade that was prepared all year round.

In this preparation the masked ones reunite with their families, to construct themselves the masks, costumes, and the allegorical cars.

It is a very lived Carnival, full of color, fantasy, exoticism, and creativity. This is undoubtedly one of the best carnivals in the country.

This year the Carnival in Ovar is celebrated from the 20th of January to the 13th of February..

Mealhada (Center)

By the Mealhada the party is also nice. At times those responsible for the Carnival in this region invite someone famous for the Brazilian Carnival or some public figure.

Nowadays, Carnival is celebrated in a more local way where local products, especially those of greater importance, are valued. This part of the country has four wonders: piglets, water, wine, and bread.

Moreover, it's a carnival with great joy where you can also find samba schools that have trained all year to have a good performance for these days of celebration.

It will be held from 3 to 13 February 2024.

Torres Vedras

For those who are in Lisbon, did you know that Torres Vedras is only 50 minutes away from Lisbon? And is the most Portuguese Carnival in the country?

If you like Carnival, Torres Vedras is the ideal place to celebrate the event. The celebration on these sides is done with allegoric cars (plastic qualities are used to represent satire of national and international current affairs), matrifocal (men who dress as women), and the famous cabeçudos (dolls with 3-4 meters with a head made of paper pulp) that are accompanied by the "Zés-Pereiras".

This is a celebration that no one is indifferent. The launching of "Cocotes" (objects made of paper and remains of sawdust and rubber) is common in Torres Vedras.

On Saturday of Carnival, at night, the groups that have masked have the opportunity to participate in the parade of the party where in the end the winning group is elected.

It's a Carnival that takes place in the center of the city, with much excitement, and is waiting for you from 20th January to 14th February.

Lisbon Carnival

This year the Carnival in Lisbon is celebrated more than half of the month, so there will be no excuses for not to go.

Chapitô has been organizing a carnival parade that has lasted for ten years. This year's parade is inspired by the times we live in today and promises a lot of fun, music, and circus. Usually, the tickets are free for residents of Lisbon.

The Príncipe Real Garden will be marked by the spirit of Pernambuco with the carnival block Baque Virado. The parade follows in the direction of Cais do Sodré.

At the Quiosque da Ribeira das Naus at Cais do Sodré, the group Carnaval Bué Tolo will take your music to the street, very samba, a lot of funk, and a lot of parties are what is expected of this group.

Take part in Lisbon parties on the 2nd to the 15th of February, 2024, which will include activities such as Carnival in the Middle Ages, from 10 to 13 February (3 pm), which invites you to explore ancient carnival traditions and create masks inspired by that past; Revolutionary Carnival, on 10 February (4 pm to 10 pm), with workshops, challenges, games and lots of entertainment; Humans of Carnival, on 10 February (8 pm); and creative writing workshops, on 11 February (10 am), with challenges and fun games, with freedom, creativity, and imagination.

Besides the Carnival, you can enjoy and visit different places and attractions in our beautiful capital. 


Thousands of people come to watch this Carnival in the south of the country. The tradition has more than a century, and in Loulé it is one of the most important celebrations.

The parade takes place at Avenida José da Costa Mealha and this year the organization's mission is to make this event more environmentally sustainable using 100% biodegradable paper cups.

The parade will count with many circus artists where they can be seen, trapeze artists, clowns, and all those who are part of this party. There will be used 14 allegorical cars that have had the help of the associations of the city.

Do you know which costume to wear? You can join this carnival in Loulé from the 11th to the 13th of February.

Carnival in Porto

Carnival in Porto is a popular festival that celebrates joy and creativity. There are many things to do during Carnival in Porto, from attending music concerts, taking part in art workshops, visiting the aquarium, or dancing until dawn. At the Casa da Música, you can attend the Carnival Concert, where the musicians of the orchestra come in disguise and play famous works from the symphonic repertoire. At Serralves, you can take part in the Carnival family workshop, dedicated to rare species that have been found in the Park. At the Wild West Party, you can dress up as a cowboy or gunslinger and dance to country and rock music. 

Porto Carnival will be celebrated from 3 to 18 of February 2024, and will feature activities such as a masked ball on February 10 (10.30 pm), in an enchanting atmosphere with live music; the Senhora da Hora Carnival parade on February 11 (3 pm), in an afternoon full of colour, music, and fun; a Carnival concert at Casa da Música on February 11 (6 pm), in a rhapsody of very Portuguese themes and works inspired by our country; and also Carnival workshops on February 12, 13 and 14, inviting children and young people aged 6 to 12 to three acting workshops.


Are you ready to celebrate Carnival in Portugal?

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