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Street cleaning is funded by tourist taxes.

The Lisbon City Council has given the green light for the distribution of about four million euros to the 24 parish councils of the city to enhance urban cleanliness.

An official source from the municipality stated that the proposal to allocate this sum was unanimously approved during a private meeting of the Lisbon municipal executive, chaired by the social democrat Carlos Moedas.

As per the proposal, the aim of these inter-administrative contracts, signed with the 24 parish councils in the capital, is to "enhance urban cleaning routines, particularly focusing on emptying waste bins and sweeping streets."

The funding for this initiative, totaling the aforementioned amount, will be sourced from the municipal tourist tax, specifically the Tourist Development Fund.

The Misericórdia parish (478 thousand euros) and Arroios parish (408 thousand euros) are set to receive the largest portions of this support among the city's municipalities.

Additionally, the proposal will undergo evaluation and voting by the Lisbon Municipal Assembly.

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