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Plan for "Ethical Hiring" of International Workers

The Portuguese IOM office and the Government are developing an "ethical recruitment" plan to identify sectoral needs, provide training, and ensure integration for labor migrants.


Speaking to Lusa, Vasco Malta, head of the IOM office in Portugal, stated that the plan aims to ensure the "good management of labor migration in Portugal."

"We've identified two key sectors with significant labor needs: agriculture and tourism," Malta noted. The plan is grounded in safe, orderly, and regular migration principles, while also focusing on protecting migrants' rights, ethical recruitment, and sustainability. He highlighted that Portugal's existing bilateral migration agreements with countries like Morocco, India, and Cape Verde can be leveraged.

The plan offers recommendations to expedite documentation processes for migrants, enhance recruitment practices, and improve integration and coordination between institutions in Portugal. This will support an informed and ethical approach to managing labor migration.

In these cases, the IOM could "help implement, even if only as a pilot project," a plan that identifies workforce needs and then "attempt to make the 'match' in the migrants' country of origin."

The IOM could then "prepare these people pre-departure," including providing necessary training in their home country. This ensures that when they arrive in Portugal, they are already equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively contribute in their designated work areas, he added.

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