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Parliament Approved IRS Income Deduction Hike in Negative Coalition

On Wednesday, deputies approved PS proposal for a €800 IRS income deduction increase, while rejecting PSD's housing resolution.


The PS's proposal to raise IRS deductions for income expenses to €800, up from €600, was generally approved by deputies this afternoon. PSD and CDS-PP voted against, while other benches supported it. The proposal moves to the next stage, aiming for implementation from January 1, 2025, affecting next year's income tax filings.

However, the proposed resolution backed by PSD and CDS-PP didn't succeed. Only the liberal Initiative supported it along with its proponents, while Chega abstained and all other parties opposed it.

Additionally, two more proposals received general approval. One from PAN suggests Government aid for porta 65 beneficiaries with initial lease contract costs. The second, from Livre, urges the Executive to enhance support measures for university accommodation in Portugal.

The Initiative was the first to propose housing-related measures, followed by other parties, sparking the first parliamentary debate on the topic. Government-supporting parties opted for a draft resolution recommending actions aligned with its program. This decision comes ahead of the Government's planned presentation of housing measures in May, as announced by the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing.

Despite Chega abstaining from the vote on PSD's resolution, it doesn't necessarily imply smoother proceedings for the Government. Many housing measures will still require parliamentary approval.

All proposals from the Liberal Initiative, as well as those from Chega, PCP, and Bloco, were rejected.

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