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Lawyers to Review Immigrant Files for AIMA Waiting Lists Assistance

Updated: Mar 25

Solicitors and Lawyers to Streamline Regularization for 300,000 Immigrant Cases, Easing AIMA's Administrative Load.

AIMA portugal

Exciting news! Yesterday, we signed a special agreement with the Lawyers and Solicitors Bar Associations and AIMA. This agreement lets solicitors and lawyers help out temporarily with pending cases. It also helps lessen the heavy workload for AIMA. This deal covers not only regular cases but also residence grants through investment, like the gold visa.

This collaboration is a big step in our efforts to tackle the backlog we inherited from SEF and improve legal processes. It shows that our advocacy and the government's efforts are paying off.

This collaboration is just one part of a bigger plan to clear the backlog and manage immigration cases better. We've been pushing for this alongside the government. While we're still figuring out the details, the fact that this agreement exists is a big deal. It shows how committed we all are to making positive changes and making legal processes more efficient.

This news is great for our clients. It shows that the government and AIMA are serious about clearing the backlog and improving legal services. By using technology and legal expertise, we expect to make big improvements in speeding up processes, being more transparent, and getting better results for our clients.

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