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How Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa is Driving Investment and Innovation

With lots of sunshine, a great quality of life, excellent schools, and good healthcare, Portugal is a popular place for wealthy people and their families.

In recent years, Portugal's popular residency programs, including the Golden Visa, D2 Visa (known as the entrepreneur visa), and the Digital Nomad Visa, have provided access to both the Portuguese lifestyle and the EU’s Schengen area.

The Golden Visa offers residency through investment, the D2 Visa focuses on creating productivity, value, and jobs in Portugal, and the Digital Nomad Visa caters to remote workers.

All three visas allow for visa-free travel to the 27 Schengen area countries for work and leisure.

While both pathways lead to Portuguese residency and eventually citizenship, understanding their differences is crucial for making an informed decision.

D2 Visa

Launched in 2018, the D2 Visa caters specifically to entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to start or expand their business interests in Portugal.

Unlike the Golden Visa, the D2 Visa does not have a fixed investment cost, but applicants must demonstrate an initial investment and meet various criteria for their application to be considered. This includes providing proof of business plans and explaining how the business will contribute to Portugal’s economy. Creating jobs and attracting high-value professions are key factors for economic prosperity.

Digital Nomad Visa

The Digital Nomad Visa is another option for those who wish to work remotely from Portugal, offering flexibility for freelancers and remote workers.

Main applicants for the D2 Visa can also include their partner and children for residency.

The D2 Visa is an excellent choice for those seeking a swift path to residency with a solid business plan or an established business they wish to bring to Portugal.

"There are many conditions, which we often guide on. For example, applicants must demonstrate their financial capacity to sustain their business endeavors and create jobs."

Alongside the Golden Visa, the D2 Visa is an excellent option, and we are happy to explain the benefits of both and how to take advantage of them.

Many people come to Portugal on a D8 Digital Nomad Visa, aimed at high-value professionals, and later decide to build their own scalable business or partner with entrepreneurs using the D2 Visa.

The Golden Visa, long the most sought-after option, remains popular, especially with recent improvements in timescales and the quality of regulated investment fund offerings.

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