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How to Get Your NIF Number in Portugal 2024

Discover the simple process to obtain your NIF number in Portugal. This essential tax identification number is key for non-residents to unlock various opportunities and services in the country.

NIF Number in Portugal

The NIF Number in Portugal (Número de Identificação Fiscal), also known as Número de Contribuinte, is the Portuguese tax identification number.

You will need a NIF Number in Portugal for various transactions, such as:

- Getting a phone subscription

- Opening a bank account

- Buying property or renting property long-term

- Making an investment in Portugal for the Golden Visa

- Signing up for utilities

There are various methods to obtain your NIF number, depending on whether you are an EU/EEA citizen or not, if you're applying remotely or in person, and other circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Getting a NIF Number in Portugal for EU/EEA Residents

The default method for EU/EEA residents to obtain an NIF number is by visiting the nearest Finanças (Portuguese tax office) and applying in person, which is completely free.

NIF Number in Portugal

Alternatively, for a nominal fee, you can use an online service to avoid queuing at Finanças and complete the process from anywhere. For more details, refer to the non-EU resident section.

Obtaining a NIF won’t automatically make you a tax resident in Portugal as long as you use a non-Portuguese address.

Getting Your NIF in Person

Schedule an Appointment (Optional)

While not strictly necessary anymore, scheduling an appointment can be beneficial, especially in busy locations like Lisbon or Porto. To schedule, call +351 217 206 707, as online scheduling requires a NIF and a Portal das Finanças login. Walk-ins are generally acceptable, but expect to wait, particularly in larger cities. Arriving 30-45 minutes before opening can reduce waiting time. Smaller town offices often have shorter lines, but English-speaking staff might be less common.

If you prefer not to wait, consider using an online service to get your NIF number in Portugal in under three days for less than €80.

Step One: Locate Your Closest Finanças Office

Finanças offices handle all tax-related matters, including NIF registration. In central Lisbon, avoid the busiest offices; opt for less crowded ones for better service. Use Google Maps to find the nearest office and note its opening hours. Most are open at 9 am, Monday to Friday.

Step Two: Get Address Proof from Your “Home Country”

Bring a recent bank statement (less than three months old) showing your non-Portuguese address. If registering as a Portuguese resident, provide similar proof of your Portuguese address. EU citizens living outside the EU/EEA can use an address from within the EU by updating their bank details or opening an account with a European online bank.

Step Three: Bring Your Address Proof and ID to Finanças

To avoid long waits, arrive 10-15 minutes before opening. Bring your passport and proof of address. An EU national ID card with your current address is also acceptable. Take a queue number for "Número de Contribuinte" or a similar term at the office.

Step Four: Get Your NIF Number on the Spot

Once your number is called, inform the staff that you want to register for a NIF. Provide the requested information. Staff typically speak basic English, so communication shouldn't be an issue. You'll receive an A4 sheet with your NIF number, which you should keep for tasks like opening a bank account.

Step Five: There is No Step Five. You’re Done!

Congratulations! You now have your NIF number in Portugal.

Getting Your NIF via Email

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, some individuals successfully obtained their NIF number in Portugal by emailing Finanças offices, such as (Lisbon 2), (Lisbon 9), (Loures 3), or (Portimão). While this method seems to have been a temporary solution, you might still try your luck.

You can find the contact details for Finanças offices in different districts here:

  • Lisbon

  • Porto

  • Aveiro

  • Beja

  • Braga

  • Bragança

  • Castelo Branco

  • Coimbra

  • Évora

  • Faro

  • Guarda

  • Leiria

  • Portalegre

  • Santarém

  • Setúbal

  • Viana do Castelo

  • Vila Real

  • Viseu

  • Azores

  • Madeira

When emailing, include a copy of your identity document and proof of address, along with a translated message in Portuguese (DeepL works well for translation). You can typically expect to receive your NIF number within 3-5 days.

Getting a NIF Number in Portugal for Non-EU/EEA Residents

Getting Your NIF in Person

The process for obtaining your NIF number in Portugal in person is similar to that for EU/EEA residents, with two key differences:

Tax Representative: You may need a tax representative, who should accompany you during your visit to Finanças.

Fee: There is a small charge for obtaining your NIF, which is just over €10.

Getting Your NIF via Your Lawyer or Tax Representative

Previously, non-EU/EEA residents were required to have a tax representative to apply for and maintain an NIF. However, as of July 2022, this requirement has been lifted. Despite this change, using a tax representative can still simplify the process of obtaining a NIF. If you are applying remotely or prefer to avoid long lines at SEF, it might be beneficial to have a lawyer or tax representative handle the process for you.

Streamlined Digital Process for Obtaining Your NIF Number in Portugal

The process of obtaining your NIF number in Portugal is very streamlined and completely digital. You'll need just two documents:

- Your passport or EU ID card

- Proof of address

Services by INLIS Consulting

INLIS Consulting also offers a range of other services, including:

  • Opening Freelancer Activity

  • Managing Green Receipts and VAT

  • Payroll Services

  • Tax Advice

  • IRS

  • Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) consultations

These additional services can help make your move and integration into Portugal smoother and more convenient.

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