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Empowering Families: 90 Euros Extraordinary Support Measure

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

The special assistance of 90 euros is intended for families who are recipients of minimal social benefits or who avail of the social energy tariff.
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Starting today, the third tranche of the 90-euro assistance will be distributed to "one million families." This support is designated for individuals benefiting from the social energy tariff and those receiving minimum social benefits. The Ministry of Labor, Solidarity, and Social Security (MTSSS) shared this development with ECO.

This exceptional aid was introduced in late March by the Government as a response to assist the most economically fragile families in light of the inflation uptick. In July, inflation eased to 3.1%, marking the ninth consecutive month of price level deceleration.

The "voucher" gives each household 30 euros every month. This money is given out every three months until the end of the year. They started giving out the first part on April 19, the second on June 19, and now the third part is being given. The last payment for the year will be in November. People who get this support will receive a total of 360 euros for the year.

They send the money to people's bank accounts. If someone hasn't done it yet, they should update their bank account information through the Social Security Direct website. They can find it under "Profile" and then "Bank account." In conclusion, the ongoing support program providing 30 euros per month per household is making a significant impact on families in need. As the payments continue to be distributed quarterly, this assistance serves as a valuable resource to help ease financial challenges. By updating their bank account details through the Social Security Direct platform, beneficiaries ensure the smooth reception of these crucial funds. As the final payment for the year approaches in November, this support underscores the government's commitment to aiding vulnerable households and mitigating economic pressures.

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