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Creating an LDA Company in Portugal only in 1 Euro

Creating an LDA Company in Portugal involves legal steps. LDAs are versatile tools used across industries, aiding tasks like tourism and academic research due to their adaptability and accuracy.

Company in Portugal

LDA company in Portugal necessitates legal steps and offers limited liability to its shareholders. Portugal's favorable business environment makes it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs, with LDAs finding application across diverse sectors, from tourism to academia.

Steps to Set Up an LDA Company in Portugal:

  1. Define Business Activity: Outline your business scope to comply with Portuguese regulations.

  2. Choose Company Name: Select a unique and fitting name adhering to naming conventions.

  3. Reserve Company Name: Ensure availability by registering it with the Portuguese National Registry of Legal Entities (RNPC).

  4. Draft Articles of Association: Prepare necessary company details following legal guidelines.

  5. Obtain Fiscal Identification Number (NIF): Essential for tax purposes and business transactions.

  6. Open Business Bank Account: Compliant with local banking regulations for financial transactions.

  7. Deposit Share Capital: The minimum required is €1 in Portugal.

  8. Notarize Articles of Association: Authentication with a notary ensures legal validity.

  9. Register Company: Complete the registration process with the Commercial Registry Office.

  10. Acquire Licenses and Permits: Depending on business activity for legal operation.

  11. Register for Taxes: Comply with tax obligations under the Portuguese Tax Authority.

  12. Ensure Employment Compliance: Adhere to labor laws if hiring employees.

Why Choose Innovate360 for LDA Setup in Portugal?

Inlis Consulting streamlines the setup process, handling administrative tasks and guiding you through local regulations. Our experienced team ensures a hassle-free establishment of your LDA.


  • Minimum Share Capital: Previously €5,000; verify current requirements with local authorities.

  • Minimum Shareholders: One shareholder can establish an LDA.

  • Verification: Check company details via RNPC or the Ministry of Justice's website.

Benefits of LDAs in Portugal:

  • Limited liability protection

  • Simpler formation process

  • Flexible management and ownership structures

  • Tax advantages and lower capital requirements

LDA Management Framework in Portugal:

Typically organized with appointed directors overseeing operations and decision-making processes.


Setting up an LDA in Portugal involves navigating legal protocols. By following this guide, ensure a compliant and smooth establishment of your business in this business-friendly country.

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