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Best AIMA Offices in Portugal for TR/PR (2024)

Updated: Mar 25

Explore the best and worst AIMA Delegations in Portugal, including insights on SAPA AIMA for your fingerprint/biometric requirements in this guide to Portugal, one of the earliest nations in southwestern Europe with two autonomous regions, Azores and Madeira.

AIMA office Portugal

In Addition, talking about the best AIMA in Portugal, here is some basic Information About Portugal: –

Gross Domestic Production GDP (PPP) $432.1 Billion

Currency Euro (€) (EUR)

Calling Code +351

Passport Ranked 5th (

Total Population of Immigrants (752252 in 2022) according to the AIMA.

Best AIMA Portugal

According to AIMA, the largest immigrant community is:

  • Brazil (233,138)

  • United Kingdom (36,639)

  • Cape Verde (35,744)

  • India (34,232)

  • Italy (33,707)

  • Angola (30,417)

  • France (27,614)

  • Ukraine (26,898)

  • Romania (23,967)

  • Nepal (23,441)

Lastly, here is the Best and worst delegation according to the user review:

Best Delegation AIMA

1, Vila Real SEF (Delegação Regional de Vila Real)

Rating: Best (Google Review 4.5)

Location: R. Largo Conde de Amarante 3, 5000-529 Vila Real,Email:

2, Bragança SEF (Delegação Regional de Bragança)

Rating: Best (Google Review 4.2)

Location:R. Eng. José Beça 46, 5300-252 Bragança, E-Mail:

3, Beja SEF (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras Beja)

Rating: Best (Google Review 3.9)

Location: R. Dom Nuno Alvares Pereira 053, 7800-037 Beja Email:

4, Evora SEF

Rating: Best (Google Review 4.4)

Location: Av. Lino de Carvalho Phone: 266788190

5, Portalegra SEF (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras)

Rating: Best (Google Review 4.2)

 Location: Av. de Santo António 12, 7300-126 Portalegre, Email:

6, Sao Sebastiao SEF

Rating: Best (Google Review 3.8)

Location: R. São Sebastião da Pedreira 5B, 1050-206 Lisboa Phone: 920375933

7, Albufeira

Rating: Best (Google Review 4.0)

 Location: R. dos Tordos 11, 8200-161 Albufeira, Phone: 289513344

8, Viseu (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras)

Rating: Best (Google Review 4.1)

 Location: Av. Alberto Sampaio 17, 3510-027 Viseu, Email:

9, Setubal (Delegação Regional de Setubal)

Rating: Best (Google Review 3.1)

 Location: Av. Luísa Todi 38 2910, Setúbal, Email:

10, Cacem (Loja de Cidadão de Agualva-Cacém)

Rating: Best (Google Review 3.7)

Location: Praceta Duque Saldanha 17, 2735-521 Agualva-Cacém

11, Guarda SEF

Rating: Best (Google Review 3.7)

Location: R. Paiva Couceiro 22, 6300-035

Finally, all these Best Delegations have good average service to all the people. They offer you excellent service every time, besides some people’s experience is not well. The staff is very helpful and most of them speak the English language. The average TRC delivery time is between a minimum of one week. If it takes longer, it’s a maximum of one month.

Average Delegation (SEF)

Porto, Aveiro, Castelo Branco and Portimao

All these average Delegations have some issues like delays in delivery of TRC, response time, and unfriendly staff members. These Delegations don’t offer similar services to everyone. Some people have very excellent service and some have the worst experience. You can try your luck here rather than waiting.

Worst Delegation

Coimbra, Santeram and Faro SEF

Coimbra is the worst delegation. you strictly avoid taking appointments there. It will make your life more complicated. Coimbra Delegations will take months to deliver your TRC. The other two Delegations don’t also have nice and smooth service to the maximum number of people. Very few people have a wonderful experience there, so you can avoid these three Delegations. In the Social Media group, we can see that Coimbra Delegations hasn’t delivered TRC for more than 6 months, so avoid that.

"Closing Thoughts: In conclusion, I assess each AIMA Delegation based on their services, covering aspects such as Temporary Resident Card, Family Reunification Visa, and Permanent Resident Card. For more details about each delegation, feel free to explore the provided links."

The required documents for visiting the delegation for biometrics include:

  • Legal Entry paper/Entry tickets or boarding pass

  • Passport

  • Visa/Residency card

  • Finance Number Copy (NIF) & Social Number Copy (NISS)

  • Junta (1 Month's validity)

  • Job Contact & Last 3 months' salary slip

  • Boss/Patron Declaration & ACT paper from the Company

  • IRS Declaration Paper (Optional)

  • Social/Tax Statement Copy

  • Police clearance Notary & Translation

  • Police clearance from other Schengen countries with notary & Translation (If you stay more than 1 year)

Also, find out what to do if AIMA doesn't send the resident card (TRC) after the fingerprint for an extended period. Finally, all the details about the documents needed for finger/biometric are explained."

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can you possible guarda email address?


Sanjay Limboo
Sanjay Limboo

I renewed my residency card in 2024 feb 16 and went my home country in emergency case and my card date, i cannot comeback but i delivered my card on may last 2024. I am planning to return back in august. Is there any problem while returning portugal ?


aima does not send the TRC .so many people waiting their cards. what is the problem.if aima does not send the card what we can do siggest please


We would advise you to wait 90 days after your biomatrics at AIMA, after then you can directly visit to AIMA's office with your proof of biomatrics, you have a legal right to enter into the office premises and talk to the officer without having an appiontment. they are obliged to give your update on your processes and card details.

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