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Visa-Free Residency in Portugal for Independent Professionals

Reside and Work Visa-Free in Portugal as an Independent Professional under Article 89, no. 2. Your Gateway to Entrepreneurial Success!

Portugal article 89

To express your interest in Article 89, use the SAPA Portal online or fill out a specific form available at any AIMA Store. Submit the form to the nearest AIMA service after the decision.

Required Documents:

  • Passport or another valid travel document.

  • Proof of legal entry into Portugal (valid visa or entry within the exemption period).

  • Proof of financial means, as outlined in Ordinance No. 1563/2007, dated 11/12.

  • Criminal record certificate from your home country.

  • Criminal record certificate from any country of residence for over a year (if not Portugal).

  • Authorization for AIMA to check your Portuguese criminal record.

  • Document confirming your available accommodation.

  • Proof of Social Security registration and regularized status.

  • Proof of registration with the Tax Administration.

  • Document indicating the formation of a company, if applicable, complying with legal requirements, along with the declaration of activity initiation with Tax Administration and Social Security.

  • Contract for providing services in a liberal profession and a statement from the professional association confirming registration (if applicable).

  • Qualifications for conducting an independent professional activity, if applicable.

Inlis Consulting

Residence Permit Criteria:

To qualify for a residence permit, certain conditions must be met:

1. No facts preventing the visa's approval should be known to the authorities.

2. The applicant must not have a conviction for a crime punishable by over a year of imprisonment in Portugal.

3. The applicant should not be present during the ban on entry and stay after a removal order.

4. The absence of indications in the SII UCFE for refusal of entry and stay or return, as per Articles 33 and 33-A of REPSAE.

Legal Entry:

Legal entry, as outlined in Article 89 of REPSAE, is presumed when the applicant has an active service provision contract or independent professional activity in the national territory, with regularization before social security for a minimum of 12 months.

SAPA Automatic Pre-Scheduling System:

The new SAPA system streamlines coordination with AIMA, IP. Expressions of interest under Articles 88 or 89 of the Foreigners Law can be submitted online, along with necessary documentation, leading to scheduling at the SEF service.

User Registration:

Interested parties need to register and authenticate on the SAPA portal. Registered users can submit expressions of interest, monitor their status, and receive notifications from AIMA.

Transition from Old to New SAPA:

Previous SAPA users (before 11/09/2017) can update their expressions of interest in the new SAPA. Electronic submissions through the new system are encouraged, with paper requests subject to possible delays.

Decision-making and AIMA Interaction:

After AIMA reviews the Expression of Interest, users can schedule visits to AIMA Stores through the SAPA Portal, selecting a convenient location, date, and time.

Residence Permit Validity and Renewal:

Temporary residence permits for professional activities are initially valid for two years, with the option for renewal in successive three-year periods.

Administrative Offenses:

Specific administrative offenses, such as illegal stay, lack of entry declaration, and failure to present the travel document, are subject to penalties as per REPSAE.

Article 89, no. 2 of REPSAE, in conjunction with Articles 51, 53 and 55, no. 2 of Decree Reg. no. current writing

Ordinance No. 1563/2007, of December 11

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