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Approval was granted for a new proposal on tourist taxes.

The Peniche City Council has given the green light to a proposed regulation designed to implement a one-euro tourist tax for overnight stays. This measure is intended to offset the rising number of tourists visiting the Leiria district municipality.

Peniche beach

The proposal received unanimous approval during the most recent Chamber meeting and is set to be presented to the Municipal Assembly.

Prior to its implementation, the municipal tourist tax in Peniche, valued at one euro, will undergo a 30-day public consultation period, as outlined in the accessed proposal by the Lusa agency today.

In the preamble of the proposal, the Peniche Chamber cites the necessity for introducing a tourist tax, attributing it to the "noticeable growth in recent years" in the number of visitors to the municipality.

The Municipality of Peniche justifies its stance by asserting that the principle of equitable allocation of public costs necessitates that the operational expenses related to providing services for tourists visiting the municipality should be distributed based on the extent to which these tourists benefit from these services, rather than placing the financial burden on the local resident population. "In this manner, it is justifiable to seek compensation from tourists," the municipality clarifies.

According to the Peniche Chamber, implementing a municipal tourist tax will serve to "mitigate the social and environmental impacts on the municipality's infrastructure" while also ensuring that the competitiveness of the municipality within the regional context remains unaffected.

In practical terms, Peniche's municipal tourist tax will be applicable to overnight stays in various types of accommodations, including hotels, guesthouses, apartment hotels, tourist villages, resorts, local lodgings, tourism-related businesses, as well as camping and caravan parks.

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