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AIMA: the new leader of the agency that will replace SEF is already chosen

As the head of the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health during COVID-19 and one of those responsible for the Simplex Program, Luís Goes Pinheiro was appointed president of the board of directors of the Agency for Integration, Migration, and Asylum. The High Commissioner for Migration also integrates direction

SEF Portugal

Luís Goes Pinheiro, president of the Board of Directors of Shared Services of the Ministry of Health (SPMS), was appointed president of the board of directors of the Agency for Integration, Migration and Asylum (AIMA). The announcement was made this Monday by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs in a statement sent to the newsrooms.

The team is also completed with four more members: Sónia Alexandra Gaspar Pereira, former high commissioner for migration; José Moreira, former national deputy director of the Foreigners and Borders Service and former inspector of the Court of Auditors; Nuno Fonseca, responsible for the Directorate of Information Systems of SPMS; and also Ana de Oliveira Monteiro, deputy in the office of the Deputy Minister and Parliamentary Affairs (MAAP).

The names of the five members of the board of directors were presented to the Recruitment and Selection Committee for Public Administration, which pronounced itself in favor, considering that “the "suitability, technical competence, aptitude, and professional experience are evidenced in the respective curricular notes of each of those designated".

The term of office of the president of AIMA and the five members lasts five years. Luís Goes Pinheiro chairs the Board of Directors of Shared Services of the Ministry of Health and was also Deputy Secretary of State and Administrative Modernization, responsible for the Simplex Program, as well as Deputy Secretary General of Internal Administration, with the portfolio of electoral administration. He also passed through the offices of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Administrative Modernization, and Justice.

Leading the High Commissioner for Migration (ACM) for three years, Sónia Pereira moved to the new agency that not only extinguished the SEF but also the ACM itself. It is the element of the now-appointed board of directors most linked to the area of asylum and integration: it chaired the Commission for Equality and Against Racial Discrimination, the Council for Migration, and the Advisory Council for the Integration of Roma Communities, as well as coordinated the assistance program under the Resettlement Program.

In turn, José Moreira, who was deputy national director of the SEF (between 2018 and 2020). He left office a month before the case at Lisbon airport, where a Ukrainian citizen died which was one of the main arguments for the remodeling of the SEF. Before that, he went to the Court of Auditors and was an alternate member of the Board of Directors of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency.

Nuno Fonseca comes from the SPMS with Luís Goes Pinheiro, where he led the Information systems, being involved in a series of works related to information technologies in the Ministry of Justice, one of which the Management group of the PKI of the Citizen Card and the Management Council of the State Electronic Certification System.

Finally, the last name presented by the Government is that of Ana de Oliveira Monteiro, so far deputy in the office of Ana Catarina Mendes, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, and was one of those responsible for the legislative process related to the creation of AIMA.

The new agency will replace the SEF in the competencies of the reception policy, as well as the High Commissioner for Migration (ACM). That is, the police part is not part of the new agency, and is thus aimed at processes of immigrants and applicants for refugee status, including matters such as residence permits or asylum applications.

The restructuring of the SEF was decided by the previous Government and approved by the Assembly of the Republic in November 2021, having already been postponed twice. The process was again postponed in November of this year, until May 2022, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, at the proposal of the PS, and again at the end of April 2022.

The SEF unions harshly criticized this government measure from the very beginning. They accuse the socialist executive of having advanced with the extinction of the SEF due to the murder of Ihor Homeniuk at the hands of three inspectors of that police in March 2020, at the SEF facilities at Lisbon airport.

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