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AIMA situation will be resolved in the next few weeks

Today, the Minister of Internal Administration, Margarida Blasco, emphasized that the situation at the Agency for Integration, Migration, and Asylum (AIMA) in Lisbon, where immigrants have been queuing since dawn, must be addressed "very soon."


"We are closely monitoring the situation, and it must be resolved very soon," Margarida Blasco told journalists in Ourém (Santarém) during the presentation of the Special Rural Fire Fighting Device for 2024.

When questioned about the government's approach to resolving the situation, the minister acknowledged it as a "human issue" that concerns everyone.

"Therefore, the government will undoubtedly address this situation as soon as possible," she affirmed.

In response to news from Rádio Renascença regarding a 9-year-old Nepalese boy reportedly being a "victim of lynching" at a school in Lisbon, Margarida Blasco emphasized that "all crimes, especially hate crimes, are of immense gravity."

What I can assure you is that, in collaboration with law enforcement authorities, we will enhance both policing within schools and community policing.

"As a government, within the Ministry of Internal Administration and in collaboration with the Ministries of Education and Health, our intention is to implement expedited and more effective programs to address these situations," stated Margarida Blasco.

According to Renascença, a 9-year-old Nepalese boy was violently assaulted by fellow classmates at a school in Lisbon earlier this year.

The report was brought to light by the executive director of a Church institution, Centro Padre Alves Correia, who indicated that "the motivations of the other minors were xenophobic and racist."

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