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Óbidos Christmas Village 2023

Óbidos Vila Natal is once again enchanting the Christmas season with its charm.

For a span of 31 days, the castle will be turned into a Wizard’s School adorned with snowy landscapes and an array of captivating attractions including an ice rink, a visit with Santa Claus, and new experiences like the Potions Laboratory, Herbology, and the Giant’s House.

From November 30th to December 31st, Óbidos will be immersed in a festive Christmas ambiance, hosting the School of Wizards—an enchanting realm where all visitors, whether young or old wizards, are encouraged to revel in the fun. Alongside the classic event activities, an exciting program featuring fresh additions awaits exploration.

In this year's edition, Óbidos Vila Natal will showcase two stages—the Magic Hall and the Wizard’s Court—presenting a program filled with 410 performances throughout the event. The lineup includes five resident shows blending theatre, circus arts, comedy, and environmental awareness, featuring two premieres, alongside numerous special Christmas concerts.

A total of 473 artists, including actors, conductors, and musicians, will grace the event. Returning entertainers are a distinguishing factor, creating an immersive experience, according to Filipe Daniel, president of the Municipality of Óbidos. He expressed, "Christmas holds a special place for families, friends, and especially children. Animation remains a focal point, essential for all visiting wizards to truly feel immersed in a magical universe, engaging with real characters. At Óbidos Vila Natal, our aim is to craft an experience abundant in joy, cultivating a realm where dreams become reality."

The fun is ensured by the 15 activities on offer. That includes talking to Santa Claus, visitors will also be able to “fly” on the Broom Slide, learn how to ward off bad dreams in the Potions Laboratory, meet fantastic animals in the Giant’s House, learn how to plant magic across the earth in Herbology, slide at full speed down the Gelada Ramp, visiting Alternative Universes in virtual reality, building your dream machine on MyMachine, along with more than 80 educational workshops, among other activities.

The news doesn’t stop there. “For this edition, the ambition was to create an environment that allows little ones, but also young people and adults, to forget the hectic lives they live, though a scenario that aims to create a magical and fantastic environment”, says Ricardo Duque, president of the Board of Directors of Óbidos Criativa, who empathizes “the investment in programming and scenography that refers to the wizards’ Christmas, that consists of more sets, props and a blanket of snow, in total 2400 square meters of snow will cover the event in white. This investment translates into an investment of €500 thousand, to create a surprising atmosphere, where each visitor will feel like a sorcerer’s apprentice this Christmas.”

The event takes place every day between November 30th and December 31st, except for December 25th. The daily schedules include activities that can be consulted on the event’s official website and online tickets are already on sale at

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