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Lisbon's New Slavery: Bangladeshi House Owner Accused of Blackmailing 25 Immigrants

Residents living in Marques Pombal, on Rua Alexandre Herculano 1150-005 Lisboa, are dealing with tough times as 25 people squeeze into a small T4 apartment. They're worried about how the Bangladeshi landlord treats them.

Lisbon's housing Crisis

Today via Email a distressing situation has come to light. Twenty-five immigrants residing in a cramped T4 apartment find themselves in dire circumstances, grappling with overcrowded living conditions and facing coercion from their Bangladeshi landlord.

Lisbon Housing crisis
Source email: One of the victim

According to a plea for help received from one of the residents, the apartment is not only overcrowded but also unsanitary, presenting significant health and safety concerns. The living space designed for a much smaller number of occupants has been transformed into a crowded residence for these immigrants, raising questions about the adequacy of housing regulations and tenant protections.

The plight of the residents worsens as they describe the exploitative practices of the Bangladeshi landlord. Despite the main tenant contributing 1600 euros towards rent, the landlord allegedly demands an additional 165 to 160 euros from each immigrant, effectively increasing the financial burden on already vulnerable individuals.

Furthermore, the landlord's coercive tactics extend to the realm of documentation and privacy. Immigrants are reportedly coerced into signing contracts that falsely claim the landlord assists without monetary gain, all while he collects copies of their passports and personal identification cards. This infringement on their privacy and personal autonomy raises serious ethical and legal concerns, highlighting the vulnerability of immigrants in such situations.

Amidst these troubling circumstances, the residents seek assistance and urge authorities to intervene. The attached evidence, including photographs, underscores the urgency of the situation and emphasizes the need for swift action to protect the rights and dignity of vulnerable immigrants in Marques Pombal.

As the community grapples with these issues, measures must be taken to address the exploitation and coercion faced by immigrants in housing arrangements, ensuring that all individuals have access to safe, dignified living conditions and are afforded the protections guaranteed by law.

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Who live in this private apartment are very much happy to live there. I know them personally. Who complained by email has an evil/bad purpose. The most part of his complain is FALSE. You did not verify his complain and published such a false claim. Now think about other peoples who happily are living there (they did not complain) ! Yes they dont have a good and proper residence but they are at least found a way by their own choice to live and continue their daily life. Who is culprit here ? Should they sleep on road only because they can't efford to live paying high price ?? What is your problem if they share an apartment between them…

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