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The cost of living alone in Portugal

According to a study conducted by idealista, the average monthly rent for a room in Portugal was 400 euros in October. In contrast, the cost of renting a studio apartment was reported to be around 800 euros per month.

Room for Rent in Lisbon

Over the past year, both room rentals and studio apartments in Portugal have experienced price increases, with rooms becoming approximately 29% more expensive and studios showing a similar rise of around 28%.

Analyzing data from 11 district capitals, significant disparities in rental costs between studios and rooms are evident. Funchal tops the list, with studios being 232% more expensive than rooms, followed by Setúbal (133% more expensive), Porto (125%), Viseu (117%), Aveiro (117%), Braga (108%), Lisbon (100%), Coimbra (98%), and Leiria (78%).

On the other hand, the smallest discrepancies in prices between studios and rooms were observed in Portalegre and Faro. However, studios for rent remain 66% more expensive than rooms in the Alentejo city and 67% pricier in the Algarve capital on the rental market.

It's important to note that rooms and studios aren't prevalent typologies in several Portuguese district capitals. Due to this scarcity, obtaining statistically reliable data for all the country's capitals was challenging, rendering a comparison of variables impossible in some cases. This limitation affected the availability of data for Beja, Guarda, and Santarém.

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