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How to register an expression of interest (AIMA file lock, manifestation) under article 88.2 or 89.2 in Portugal

Updated: Feb 22

Guide: Registering Manifesto of Interest or Locking Files on AIMA's Portal 2024
AIMA Portal in Portugal

Third-country nationals must register or submit their residency manifestation through the SAPA Portal (, an immigration platform managed by Portugal's SEF authorities. Upon entering Portugal with a valid Schengen visa or without one, individuals seeking residency through employment must register on SAPA and submit their manifestation to AIMA. Two options are available: Article 88, paragraph 2 (Work Contract), or Article 89, paragraph 2 (Self-Employed).

Expression of interest

  • Those with a work contract can submit their manifestation under Article 88, paragraph 2.

  • To register as self-employed, one must initiate an activity at any finance office.

Alternatively, individuals planning a business venture with minimal investment can submit their manifestation under Article 89, paragraph 2.

SAPA registration is obligatory. Failure to have a valid visa or establish residency may result in SEF authorities requiring departure or deportation from the country.

Requirements for registering on AIMA's portal or requirements for file lock under article 88.2/89.2

Create an account at and upload the following documents.

• Passport or relevant documents

• Legal entry declaration and all other relevant travel documents

• Address proof from Junta de Frequesia or house agreement

• Police criminal certificate from home country

• Police criminal certificate from a country in which you stayed more than 1 year

• Social Security number NISS

• Portuguese Tax number NIF

• Work contract as per Labor Act 2007 or self-employed activity from the finance department or company documents.

How to Obtain the Necessary Paperwork

1. NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal):

The NIF, also known as the Número de Identificação Fiscal or Número de Contribuinte, is a nine-digit tax number used for payments in Portugal and required for various registrations, such as buying a house or getting a mobile phone contract.

Non-residents from EU/EEA countries typically need a fiscal representative, like a friend, family member, or legal entity, to obtain a NIF. You can get an NIF at a Finanças office for €10.20, but you'll need your fiscal representative with you. Alternatively, you can use online services provided by law firms or companies.

2. Junta (Certificado de Residente):

To apply for a Junta, visit your local Junta da Freguesia, which is the council office nearest to your home. Bring valid identification (such as an ID card, passport, or voter's card) and proof of address, which can include your NIF with your Portuguese address, an old Junta certificate from the same locality if you already have one, a rental contract, or a certificate of residency from two neighbors who confirm you live in the area. Traditional methods like this are still common in Portugal.

3. NISS (Social Security Number):

To obtain a Portuguese NISS social security number, you need to present your identity documents (usually a passport) and a certified copy of your employment contract or company documents. Visit the nearest Segurança Social office to apply for a Portuguese social security number.


To navigate the administrative requirements in Portugal, obtaining essential documents like the NIF, Junta certification, and NISS social security number is crucial. These documents are necessary for various transactions and official purposes, such as taxation, residency, and employment.

INLIS Consulting, based in Lisbon, offers comprehensive assistance with acquiring these documents and fulfilling accounting needs. With their expertise and local knowledge, they can streamline the process and ensure compliance with Portuguese regulations.

Contact INLIS Consulting today to simplify your paperwork and accounting tasks.

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