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How to Apply UK Visa Online with a Portuguese TRC Card

Easily apply for a UK visa online using your Portuguese TRC card. Follow our simple guide for hassle-free travel arrangements to the United Kingdom.

UK VISA Online

Detailed Guide to Booking UK Visa online Through TLScontact

When it comes to booking appointments for UK Visa Online in Portugal, it's essential to use the official partner: TLScontact. Here's everything you need to know:

UK VISA Online

1. Exclusive Partnership: TLScontact is the only authorized partner for UK Visas and Immigration in Portugal. It's crucial to avoid other websites, companies, or individuals claiming to offer UK visa appointments.

2. Free Appointments: You can book UK visa appointments for free at the TLScontact Visa Application Centre in Lisbon. However, there's a fee of £76.50 to use this center.

3. Paid Appointments: TLScontact also provides paid appointments for added flexibility and convenience. These appointments are optional, and there are always free appointments available on different days or times. Check the Added Value Services page for detailed information on the fees for these services.

4. Legitimacy Concerns: It's important to note that appointments arranged through other companies or individuals may not be legitimate or accepted by TLScontact. To ensure a smooth process, always book directly through TLScontact.

5. Additional Fees Explanation: The additional fee for using the Visa Application Centre is charged in locations with relatively low demand or where free options are available in the same country. This fee covers the provision of a user pays Visa Application Centre and allows customers to attend appointments closer to their homes. The user pays fee is regulated by the Home Office.

6. Passport Collection: Once you've submitted your application, TLScontact will contact you when your passport is ready for collection. It's essential not to visit the centre until you receive an invitation to do so.

7. Urgent Travel Assistance: If you need to travel urgently, you can contact UKVI for assistance. Please note that this service is chargeable for overseas customers.

8. Financial Requirements: As a freelancer or full-time worker, you must have a minimum income of 900 euros per month to be eligible for a UK visa.

9. Documentation: Ensure you have declared your Segurança Social with a no-debt certificate and have the necessary financial declarations with no-debt certificates.

By following these guidelines and booking your UK visa appointments through TLScontact, you can ensure a secure and hassle-free application process.

Learn how to set up your TLScontact account and schedule an appointment for your visa application. Follow the outlined steps below to ensure a smooth submission process at the TLScontact center.

STEP 1: Register on the GOV.UK website

To initiate the process, visit the UK Visas and Immigration section on the GOV.UK website. Here, you can:

- Determine the type of visa you need and gather the required documents.

- Complete an online application form, pay the visa fee, and schedule an appointment at a Visa Application Centre.

- Obtain a unique GWF Number.

STEP 2: Choose from Optional Services and Schedule an Appointment

You'll be directed to the TLScontact website to book and pay for your appointment to submit biometrics and supporting documents. By opting for this service, you can enjoy:

- Seamless check-in during your appointment at the Visa Application Centre.

- Enhanced convenience through optional Added Value Services.

- Access to application status tracking.

STEP 3: Attend Your Appointment at TLScontact

After completing the checkout process on the TLScontact website, ensure punctuality for your scheduled appointment at the Visa Application Centre.

Upon arrival, proceed to the welcome area and present:

- Your passport and appointment confirmation email.

For Assisted Service, bring along:


- Printed copies of your appointment confirmation email and payment receipt for any Added Value Services.

- Valid passport or travel document, residence permit (original and copy in A4 format, if applicable).

- Supporting documents and copies (in A4 format), along with the first page of your Visa Application Form.

For Self-Upload Service, ensure you have:

- Printed copies of your appointment confirmation email and payment receipt for any Added Value Services.

- Valid passport or travel document, residence permit (original and copy in A4 format, if applicable).

- The first page of your Visa Application Form.

Upon check-in, TLScontact will:

- Accept your application and documents.

- Capture your biometric data (unless exempted) through fingerprinting and photographing.

- Forward your application to UK Visas and Immigration for assessment.

Important Information:

- Minor applicants must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during the application submission and biometrics process.

- UK Visas and Immigration may request additional information, documents, or an interview via email.


- Avoid stapling documents; use only A4 colored photocopies.

- Do not submit original or valuable documents, as they will not be returned.

Failure to provide supporting evidence may lead to delays or application refusal.

STEP 4: Passport Return

Once collected by our courier partner, track your passport's delivery on their website. We'll notify you via email when dispatched and provide delivery tracking details.

Opt for text message notifications by checking the availability of the 'SMS Notification' Added Value Service at your Visa Application Centre.

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