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Good News for Immigrants in Portugal

The Prime Minister has declared the Government's intention to convene meetings with parliamentary groups next week, aiming to craft an action plan addressing the bureaucratic challenges faced by immigrants.

We need to develop an action plan that can be presented to parliament. I've instructed the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and the Minister of the Presidency to initiate discussions with parliamentary groups on this issue next week, stated Luís Montenegro.

"The goal is to contribute to the design of an immediate action plan capable of resolving the backlog of hundreds of thousands of cases and preventing future accumulations," stated the speaker.

"We aspire to maintain our reputation as a welcoming and integrating nation, but ensuring dignity requires stricter regulation and an end to the exploitation of current legal provisions," he emphasized.

Responding to PSD parliamentary leader Hugo Soares in the closing remarks of the debate, the prime minister acknowledged the delicate and profound nature of the issues currently faced at AIMA (Agency for Migration and Asylum Integration).

"Nobody wants to witness the undignified conditions endured by many individuals who come to our country seeking employment," he lamented, highlighting that the long queues and delays at AIMA provoke discomfort and feelings of insecurity.

Montenegro attributed the issues at AIMA to "a culmination of errors in border control and reception policies."

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