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Best Companies to Work in Portugal

Microsoft ranks first among the most attractive companies to work in Portugal, according to Randstad Employer Brand Research 2024. The top three also include OGMA - Indústria Aeronáutica de Portugal in second place and Delta Cafés in third.

Work in Portugal

The top 10 most attractive companies include Hovione, Nestlé, Bosch, RTP, Hotéis Real, ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal, and Banco de Portugal (BdP).

In terms of sectors, the health sector emerges as the most appealing to work in, followed by tourism, sports and entertainment, aviation, and industry sectors.

Top 10 Most Attractive Companies in Portugal:

  1. Microsoft

  2. Teleperformance

  3. Hovione

  4. Nestlé

  5. Facebook

  6. Bosch

  7. RTP

  8. Hotéis Real

  9. ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal

  10. Banco de Portugal (BdP)

Most Attractive Sectors:

  1. Health Sector

  2. Tourism

  3. Sports and Entertainment

  4. Aviation

  5. Industry Sector

What are the most highly regarded criteria?

What are the most valued criteria for working in Portugal?

While salary remains the primary concern for professionals, the importance of other factors has been increasing over the past three years. The five most critical criteria when considering employment in Portugal are:

- salary and benefits - 73%

- work-life balance - 66%

- work environment - 65%

- career progression - 61%

- job security - 59%

The research highlights that a third of respondents in Portugal continue to engage in (partial) remote work, showcasing the growing trend towards remote work in professional settings. Among employees with higher education, two in every five opt for remote work, contrasting with less than one in ten among those with lower qualifications.

Equity's importance has been on the rise and now ranks among the top six criteria when selecting an employer. "However, less than half of workers believe their employer fulfills their expectations regarding equity," notes the study. Gen Z workers report encountering such challenges more frequently, partly due to being in the minority.

Top 20 of the most attractive companies to work for

  1. Microsoft

  2. OGMA - indústria aeronáutica de Portugal

  3. Delta Cafés

  4. Hovione

  5. Nestlé

  6. Bosch

  7. RTP- Rádio e Televisão de Portugal

  8. Hotéis Real

  9. ANA- Aeroportos de Portugal

  10. Banco de Portugal

  11. Siemens

  12. IKEA Portugal

  13. Caixa Geral de Depósitos

  14. Lusíadas Saúde

  15. Volkswagen Group Services

  16. TAP- Transportes Aéreos Portugueses

  17. Capgemini

  18. Fujitsu

  19. Corticeira Amorim

  20. The Navigator Company

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