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AIMA Commits to Immigrant Regularization by March

Updated: Mar 25

Portugal has over a million people from other countries. This helps the country balance its population and keep Social Security accounts in order.

The Government made a promise and will continue to work on regularizing immigrants until the end of March. The Agency for Migration and Asylum Integration is all set to begin the process.

The new agency, which took over from SEF, has 350 thousand pending cases as a priority now. The goal is to review these cases by the summer of 2025. The agency plans to use digital tools to make the residence granting process quicker and easier. Also, they aim to increase the number of offices and staff by the end of the year.

Recibos Verde

With about 350 thousand immigrants seeking regularization, Portugal has over a million foreigners in a country where the population is aging. These immigrants help balance the population and keep Social Security accounts in order.

While the processes are ongoing, these people are unable to freely visit their families in their home countries, which puts their lives on hold.

PJ inspectors are seeking direct access to the former SEF databases.

The immigrant landscape is evolving, posing challenges to teaching. Individuals from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh require more time to learn Portuguese. Over 30% of recent immigrants are unskilled workers, filling roles where local labor is insufficient.

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