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200 Cases Against AIMA Portugal

Updated: Mar 25

Marco Spínola Barreto, a lawyer, is currently handling 200 cases against AIMA, the successor to SEF. He emphasizes the vulnerability of undocumented individuals, stating they are easy targets. With over a thousand lawsuits against SEF, his focus remains on the granting of residence permits to immigrants.

In Portugal, there's a story of struggle that many like S., a 29-year-old from Bangladesh, know too well. S. came to Portugal two years ago, hoping for a better life. He found work in a store but soon faced a bigger battle – cancer.

S.'s cancer shows as a bruise on his arm, but his fight doesn't stop there. Since September 2022, he's been waiting for a decision about staying in Portugal legally. He did what he was supposed to, filling out forms and waiting for an appointment with SEF, the immigration office. But no appointment has come, even after SEF passed his case to AIMA, another agency.

S.'s not alone. Many people like him are in the same situation. They want to follow the rules and be part of Portugal, but the system makes it hard. Without legal status, they can't access healthcare or other basic needs.

S.'s story is a call for change. It's not just about paperwork – it's about people's lives. Portugal needs to make the system fairer and faster, so people like S. don't have to wait in uncertainty. It's time to show compassion and empathy for those struggling to belong.

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