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The cheese festival returns to Portugal.

The Cheese Festival Portugal welcomes a total of 160 exhibitors, with 60 highlighting a diverse array of cheeses. This culinary fair dedicated to cheese enthusiasts takes place in Serpa, within the district of Beja, until Sunday.

Cheese Festival Portugal

The Alentejo Cheese Festival, a celebrated event now in its 23rd edition, is organized by the municipality and the promoting committee. It takes place at the Serpa Fair and Exhibition Park as part of the broader Cheese Festival Portugal. Among the exhibitors, one finds cheese producers and traders from Serpa, Évora, Serra da Estrela, Beira Baixa, and Manchego. These stands proudly display artisanal cheeses made from sheep, goat, cow, or mixed milk.

According to the municipality, the remaining 100 exhibitors present at the event are producers of sausages, honey, sweets, and crafts, as well as taverns and institutional stands from regional entities and sheep breeders.

The Alentejo Cheese Festival is organized by the municipality and the promoting committee, which brings together several entities from the municipality and the region.

This festival is part of the larger Cheese Festival Portugal celebration, highlighting the diverse culinary heritage of the country.

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