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Depression Aline approaching Portugal

Depression Aline will affect mainland Portugal on Thursday, with heavy precipitation and gusts of wind that could exceed 100 kilometers/hour, the IPMA reported.

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) has named a depression "Aline" that is set to traverse the Atlantic during its intensification phase. This depression will approach the central region of Portugal's west coast on the morning of the 19th (Thursday).

It is projected to move rapidly eastward, carrying a mass of hot, humid, and unstable air.

On Thursday, as depression Aline passes through, the wind is forecasted to blow from the southwest. It will gradually gain strength, especially in the Center and South regions, starting in the morning. Wind gusts in excess of 100 km/h are possible, particularly along the southern coast of Cabo Mondego and the south coast of the Algarve. In the mountainous areas of these regions, the wind will shift to the northwest by late afternoon and weaken gradually.

The IPMA states that precipitation is anticipated to be heavy intermittently, possibly accompanied by thunderstorms, along the North and Center coastlines from Wednesday afternoon onwards. This heavy precipitation will extend to the rest of the country on the morning of the 19th, becoming more frequent and intense during the afternoon.

According to the IPMA, sea conditions will also deteriorate. From the early morning of the 19th, waves originating from the western quadrant are expected to measure four to five meters along the west coast, transitioning to a northwesterly direction by late afternoon. These waves may reach significant heights of five to seven meters and even peak at up to 14 meters, persisting throughout the 20th.

The south coast of the Algarve will experience waves from the southwest, with wave heights increasing to four to five meters during Thursday afternoon.

Due to this severe meteorological situation, the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) has issued orange warnings for wind, precipitation, and sea disturbances. These warnings will be updated in the coming days. They advise people to stay tuned to weather forecasts and take precautions, especially in vulnerable situations affected by the weather.

The National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC) reported 1,156 incidents on the mainland related to adverse weather conditions between midnight and 4:00 PM the previous day, with the majority occurring in the Greater Lisbon area.

As of 5:00 PM the previous day, five districts on the north coast (Viana do Castelo, Braga, Vila Real, Porto, and Aveiro) were under an orange warning for either strong winds or heavy rain, as indicated by the IPMA.

The IPMA explained that weather conditions on the mainland were influenced by "successive frontal systems associated with depressions moving from the North Atlantic towards Europe," with the Babet depression being a significant factor on the day in question.

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