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5 sites where you can start working as a freelancer today

Freelancing goes beyond your skill – you need clients. Yet, for beginners, finding them is tough. That's why freelancer platforms act as your marketing team. Explore the top 5 free registration platforms.

Freelancer in Portugal

Freelancing is booming, allowing people to work from home or anywhere. Starting means defining your service and building a portfolio. However, freelancing involves more than skills – you need clients.

To assist freelancers, platforms act like marketing departments, connecting them with companies needing their services. While some experienced freelancers caution against these platforms due to commissions, they can be a quick start for newcomers seeking experience and sustainability.

Choosing the right platform is crucial, as each offers unique features tailored to different services and preferences.

Here are 5 recommended freelancer platforms to kickstart your freelancing journey.

While signing up is free, keep in mind that most of these platforms charge a commission on each sale to sustain their business. It's wise to limit your selection to 2 or 3 platforms to manage projects effectively and maintain updated profiles and portfolios.

Consider the following tips when choosing platforms:

1. Opt for platforms specific to your service rather than general ones.

2. Review platform procedures and terms thoroughly.

3. Assess the quality of customer support.

4. Understand the commission rates and available payment methods.

5. Seek insights from fellow freelancers on forums like Quora for informed decisions.

Here are the top 5 platforms:

5. [PeoplePerHour](

Choose wisely based on your preferences and service offerings.

Here's a breakdown of five popular freelancer platforms:

1. Upwork: Offers a wide array of services from programming to video editing and translation. You can find short or long-term contracts with varied payment structures. The platform charges a commission ranging from 20% to 5%, based on the client's billing amount. Additionally, freelancers need "Connects" to apply for jobs, which are priced at $0.15 each.

freelancing in portugal

2. Fiverr: Similar to Upwork but allows freelancers to create Gigs, and define service packages. It charges a fixed 20% commission on sales.

3. Requires bidding for projects and submitting proposals. The platform provides advisors for quicker hiring and opportunities to enter competitions for prizes and reviews. Registration is free, and the commission is 10% of the sales value.

4. 99designs: Specializes in graphic design services, offering work directly with clients or competing in design contests. Commissions start at 15% for beginners, fostering long-term partnerships.

5. Behance: Owned by Adobe, it's a social platform for creative professionals like photographers and videographers. It promotes interaction among freelancers and doesn't charge any commissions. Simply use the term "freelance" in the search engine to find opportunities.

Tips for creating a successful profile

Regardless of the platforms you choose, your profile will be what will make the difference between taking weeks or months to get your first client . Therefore, here are some suggestions that will help you create a successful profile :

  • Highlight your profile by choosing a smaller niche within your category, that is, instead of using the term “graphic design” use, for example, “graphic design for social networks”;

  • Write a biography and profile description that makes it clear how you can help companies with your service;

  • Use a professional headshot ;

  • Create and publish a portfolio that showcases your best work.

After applying all the tips we've shared with you, all you'll need is to be consistent in applying for job offers. If you send 5 proposals every day, you will see that you will acquire your first client faster than you imagine. For those starting to offer services online, some platforms will help you attract customers. Although registration is free, most of them charge a commission for each sale.

However, remember that this commission is the equivalent of paying a marketing team to promote your services for you. It is true that you no longer receive a percentage of the value, but at the same time, you are getting much greater exposure. This will help you get your first client faster than if you were just using your website or your social media.

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