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SEF Entry Registration - A Step by Step Guide

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

If you rent out your holiday home, guest passport details and check-in/out dates must be recorded and sent to SEF (Portuguese Immigration and Border Control). This can be done easily online for free and takes just minutes.

In the case of a family traveling together, this obligation can be fulfilled by one spouse or, in the case of a travel group, by one member of the party.

SEF Entry in Portugal

Step 1: Register Online for SEF Entry

In order to send reports (known as ‘Accommodation Bulletins) to SEF Entry, you first have to register online as a ‘new hotel unit’:

Step 2: Create a New Submission List

Once registered as a new hotel unit, you can use your login details to access:

> Entrega de Boletins (deliver bulletins)

> Criar Nova Lista de Envio (create new submission list)

SEF Entry Inlis Consulting

* Submission lists may be in the ‘closed’ state, ‘fechada’ (when already sent to the SEF) or in ‘edit’, ‘em edição’, (when they are still empty or with Accommodation Bulletins to be updated). You will not be allowed to create a list if you already have one in ‘edit’.

Step 3: Create a New Accommodation Bulletin

As soon as you create a submission list, you can start filling out of Accommodation Bulletins for each of your holiday rental bookings. To add a new bulletin, click on:

> Actualização da Lista de Envio (update submission list)

> Novo Boletin de Alojamento (new Accommodation Bulletin)

SEF Registration

Once you have filled out the required guest information, don’t forget to click ‘save’:

> Guarda Boletin de Alojamento

Step 4: Submit

After completing your Submission List with Accommodation Bulletins, you must submit it. To do this, select:

> Enviar Boletins para o SEF e fechar a lista (send bulletins to SEF and close the list)

After the list has been sent, it is automatically closed and will be available for viewing only. To view, go to:

> Entrega de Boletins

> Consulta de Ofícios Emitidos

For more information (in Portuguese), download the SEF Users Manual:

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