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"We handle payroll, ensuring compliance and offering salary cost advice."

Payroll Services​

"We process payrolls for both resident and non-resident entities in line with Portuguese regulations, offering comprehensive salary cost advice."

Submission Preparation and Timely Compliance

We handle submissions to the social security and tax office to ensure timely compliance with obligations. Our payroll software generates uploadable files for convenient salary payment through the client's Internet banking system, optimizing cost-effectiveness.

Year-End Reporting and Custom Reports


We prepare all year-end reports required by Portuguese legislation and offer custom report generation for client management reporting needs. Our software integrates client time records to streamline the payroll process.

Legislative Updates and Information Service

We provide regular updates on labor and tax legislation relevant to clients' situations, ensuring they stay informed. 

Expatriate Tax Returns


For expatriate employees, we prepare personal tax returns leveraging our international and local taxation expertise. Additionally, we draft labor contracts under current labor laws, tailored to the client's business needs.

Non-Resident Corporations Representation

We specialize in assisting non-resident corporations seeking to employ individuals in Portugal without establishing a local company. Through a representative office setup, we handle employment matters without the need to file tax returns or accounts in Portugal.

Accounting Journals and Customized Formatting

We prepare payroll accounting journals according to client requirements and format preferences.

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