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Company relocation to Portugal

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When a company establishes a branch or subsidiary in Lisbon or elsewhere in Portugal, or when it completely moves its operations to the country, it undergoes the process of relocating to Portugal. This process is also necessary when a Portuguese company intends to employ foreign workers.

Bringing foreign staff or transferring employees to Portugal involves adhering to regulations for obtaining work permits and entry visas for non-EU nationals.

For EU citizens, employee relocation to Portugal is streamlined, necessitating only a residence permit suited to the stay's duration (typically for medium to long-term purposes).

Our immigration specialists in Portugal offer comprehensive guidance to business owners. They furnish detailed information about the relocation process and assist in applying for work permits and entry visas (if needed) for their new staff.

The main requirements for Company relocation to Portugal

The employer takes charge of applying for the work permit when relocating staff to Portugal, but this step is just one among several in the process. Here's an overview of the key stages our team outlines:

  1. Assess the need for staff relocation: Internally determined when a company establishes a branch/subsidiary and identifies the necessity for one or more valuable employees to work from Portugal.

  2. Draft and finalize the employment agreement: Prepared in compliance with Portuguese labor laws, covering aspects like minimum wages, work hours, employee benefits, and protections.

  3. Determine additional relocation benefits: Companies can create a specialized relocation package covering some or all costs related to relocation arrangements and initial living expenses in the country.

  4. Apply for the work permit: Employers submit an application for the employee’s work permit to the labor authorities under the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service.

  5. Post-arrival support: Internal company policies may necessitate specialized training or courses for relocated employees in Portugal.

These steps collectively ensure a smooth transition for employees relocating to Portugal while adhering to legal and internal company requirements.

Living and working in Portugal

Many foreign nationals living in Portugal as employees, whether through intra-company transfers or new employment, might seek Portuguese citizenship after a lawful and uninterrupted stay of at least five years, meeting specific conditions.


Our team can provide detailed information.

Key statistics from Portugal's National Statistics Institute:

  • Total resident population: 10,267,200 (Q1 2022)

  • Active population: 5,209,300 (Q1 2022, a 3.3% increase from Q1 2021)

  • Unemployment rate: Lowest in ten years at 5.9%

For those considering relocating to Portugal as freelancers, our team can offer insights into the appealing nomad visa program.

We facilitate relocation to Portugal for employers seeking to hire foreign staff or relocate employees, and we assist individuals relocating via intra-company transfers or seeking employment opportunities in Lisbon or other cities.

Beyond personnel relocation, our immigration team aids non-EU/EEA investors pursuing Portuguese golden visas through substantial real estate investments.

Reach out for further immigration inquiries or assistance with personnel relocation to Portugal.

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