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NHR Tax Holders Unaware of Potential 48% Tax Hike Without Early Action

In Portugal, NHR tax beneficiaries lack awareness of the substantial tax liability awaiting them after their 10-year NHR tax advantage ends, with progressive NHR tax rates escalating from 28% to a maximum of 48%.


Despite the appealing tax advantages offered by Portugal's NHR tax regime, the affluent expats' survey highlighted that merely 27% of current NHR tax status holders have initiated plans for the future when their NHR incentives conclude. This suggests that the majority of existing NHR tax holders might encounter elevated taxes if they fail to promptly seek professional advice.

Numerous affluent expatriates are misled by the NHR tax regime's low tax rates, fostering a sense of unwarranted security. They often overlook the transient nature of these benefits, failing to grasp that inadequate early planning for the future may yield severe financial repercussions.

Upon the conclusion of the NHR tax incentive period, a significant majority of expatriates are subjected to Portugal's progressive tax system, potentially escalating their tax obligations to as high as 48%.

Seeking advice and strategically organizing income and assets within the initial 7 years of the 10-year NHR tax benefit presents an opportunity to alleviate this challenge, contingent upon individual financial circumstances.

Case studies have demonstrated that individuals or families with assets or income totaling a million euros or more could potentially decrease their tax burden post-NHR to a range of 4% to 10% per annum if they proactively act during their NHR tax tenure.

Taking proactive measures early in their NHR tax tenure offers existing NHR tax holders the chance to alleviate forthcoming tax obligations through the optimization of tax-efficient structures. Engaging professional advisors now is increasingly imperative for numerous affluent expatriates in Portugal.


By initiating early steps and seeking expert guidance, you can secure your financial future while continuing to relish the advantages of residing in Portugal.

Reach out to the specialized team at Inlis Consulting for personalized advice on structuring income, assets, taxes, and investments tailored for existing NHR tax holders, ensuring long-term financial stability.

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